yeah, I think my man is extremely sexy. but it’s not all about looks for me. when he’s sleeping with his back turned to me, I smile because he’s purposely touching my leg with his . he’s innocent and probably hungover and I’ll love him even more when he wakes up.

So I dated this guy for 5 years and he was my world. We were young but I wanted to marry him and have babies with him. When we fought or broke up for a day I’d worry that I would never find someone else. I thought that because we had been together for so long that it would be a waste to date anyone else. When we seriously broke up I tried to date other people but I always ran back to him. He was comfortable. I finally started dating this guy. Slowly my comfort was lifted and I felt no need to run back. This new guy and I have had a few ups and downs and in the beginning I wondered was all this worth it again. Now we’ve been together for a year. I’ve never been happier in my life. He really is the love of my life and I could be with him forever. 5 years has nothing on just this 1 year. It’s amazing how you think you’ll never find someone again but when you do it’s the most spectacular feeling. He is the moon and the stars and the sun and everything else. I’m so inlove.


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Let’s play a fun game called “we’re just friends but I’d fuck you if you asked”

if you do something new in bed flawlessly ill assume youre cheating on me

Being with a guy who hates to show emotion sucks. We spent over half an hour going back and forth between what movie to watch and I finally gave up and said watch whatever I’m going to bed. He told me to roll back over, he put my favorite movie on. And that’s how I know he cares. M